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IP Phone

Centrex professional IP phone

  • Much more economical than a traditional phone system (business case)
  • Allows you to simplify your phone system
  • Doesn’t required the implantation of a PBX
  • Phone system management done by Xittel
  • No interconnexion fees
  • Can be installed on many distant sites
Technical features
  • Uses a high speed internet connection
  • Mitel IP phone
  • Offered everywhere
  • Automated response included (auto-attendant)
  • Included voice mail
  • Voice-mail to e-mail service (additional fees apply)
  • Other services include: call waiting, call forwarding, conference call and 2nd line.
Special services
  • Teleconference bridge service (additional fees apply)
  • Toll-free 1-8xx service (additional fees apply)

Specialized IP phone solutions

  • Extremely competitive cost
Technical features
  • Available everywhere, where technology is available
  • PRI (Primary Rate Interface - 12 to 23 channels)
  • Analog lines on Mediatrix (2 to 24 channels, possibility of adding more)
  • Multiple IP lines on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) channel
  • Compatible with the market’s main PBX
  • Teleconference bridge service (additional fees apply)
  • Toll-free 1-8xx service (additional fees apply)
  • Possibility of automatic redundancy towards multiple sites (automatic forwarding towards another site in case of outage)
  • It is possible to centralize the phone
Special services
  • Personnalized integration and support service
  • Along with your interconnector, Xittel works to make your experience as smooth as possible


  • With a toll-free number, you are always easy to reach, no matter who tries to contact you
  • It is very beneficial to obtain a toll-free number (1-8xx) associated to your phone line. This service allows your customers to contact you free of charge.
Technical features
  • Allows you to quickly, practically and economically contact many people at the same time. Also, by simply using your IP phone, you can hold reunions everywhere and at any time.
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