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A business in full expansion!

Xittel telecommunications was founded byRobert Proulx, a visionary engineer who quickly saw a wide range of opportunities in the fibre optics «open» network.The company is part of a consortium of 3 business which are all under Gestion Xit’s administration.

Xittel telecommunications is a leader in the implantation and management of private telecommunication networks. It also positions itself as an expert in high speed technologies and services using optical fibres, microwaves and IP telephony.

Xit telecom also serves as a high quality telecommunication engineering consulting firm.The company has also developed an innovative partnership approach which creates significant progress connectivity industry in the Province of Quebec and other regions throughout the country.

For many of them, this innovative technology meant a significant improvement in infrastructure just like rail, roads, and electricity. The program also helps rural communities achieve sustainable economic development in a globalized knowledge-based economy.

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