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Reliable and efficient communications networks

Leader in the telecommunications sector in fibre optics technologies, Xittel telecommunications Inc. has acquired unique expertise and fibre optics market share, as it pertains to wireless Internet access provider, thereby offering accessible communications network that is powerful and reliable to the communities that it serves.

Aujourd’hui, au Canada, Xittel est impliquée dans des projets de déploiement de réseaux privés ou publics de télécommunications sur plus de 15 000 km dans les régions du Québec. Parmi ses partenaires et clients, Xittel compte environ 100 organisations publiques et privées, comme des commissions scolaires, des municipalités, des sociétés d'exploitation des ressources naturelles, des réseaux provinciaux de recherche de fibre optique comme le RISQ.

Statistically speaking, the market profile shows that at least 1,000,000 (One Million) Canadian residences in rural areas still do not have Broadband Internet access. In this way, since 2005, Xittel took the initiative to grow up the use of fibre optics network, by launching a high speed (4 Mo/s) Internet with broadband (Wi-Max) Internet access technology. This service is being offered first to those communities where broadband is not accessible by conventional means (ADSL or Cable).

In Outaouais, Xittel developed the first fibre to the home (FTTH) network in Canada.

A first in Canada - 911 IP

In Trois-Rivières, Xittel launched the first 911 service in Canada, functioning primarily with IP technology (Internet Protocol). The 911 emergency service on IP offers maximum effectiveness and flexibility for users.

Amongst other things, this technology makes it possible to create temporary emergency centers that are as powerful as permanent stations. The new system offers the capacity to share the 911 response teams on several sites and to double the number of agents which can answer to particularly critical situations in a timely manner.

Within the framework of 911 project of the City of Trois-Rivières in IP technology, in the event of a disaster, the new technology makes it possible to establish an on-site control unit, thereby facilitating the work of the first line emergency respondents. The chosen system was manufactured by Mitel, a leader in the field. By implementing such a system, the City of Trois-Rivières is more than a forerunner. It acquired a network flexibility which could constantly be improved to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Apart from the traditional telephone services applications, the City of Trois-Rivières will be able to develop applications specifically tailored to improve interaction between various municipal services. The second phase of the mandate which was just completed, aims at the transformation of the emergency services, compared to traditional telephone services, into an IP service. Many emergency centers in Quebec are looking towards Trois-Rivières municipal administration to benefit from their experience.

"Ville et village branchés"

Mr. Robert Proulx was the instigator in the Province of Quebec, who wrote and collaborated with the Quebec Government, a project called “Villages branchés du Québec” or "Quebec’s Connected Villages”. This project was then applied to other regions by launching of a fiber optics network. Needless to say, that our differences in comparison to the telecommunications giants, Xittel’s core business is to connect rural communities, by offering broadband service to businesses and citizens who cannot connect to such services because this market is not lucrative enough a large telecommunications corporations.

Accordingly, Xittel has established judicious partnerships and has participated into studies, as well as launched private fibre optics projects. Xittel connected more than thirty (30) schools and school boards and twenty-five (25) colleges and universities in more than thirty (30) MRC’s.

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