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Don’t play Russian roulette with your data! Trust our data security specialist in order to secure your information!

Who has never been confronted by a data loss problem mostly due to hardware failure, a software problem or even hacking? At any time, the operating system can stop working or even worse, your hard drive can be affected by a serious problem causing important data loss.

Your data is your business’ memory, either for financial information, customer files or order fulfillment. Think about the cost of a data loss for your business! Such loss can halt your business activities, create damages and decrease your profitability. A qualified technician with experience in data saving monitors and ensures your backup is done every day in order to restore the data in full at a very competitive monthly rate.

Bingo! Now you are cleverly protected!

You will also have to choose a personal encryption key, known only by you, which will encrypt your data. Our technicians will then check every day the survivability of the backed-up files and will call you directly if a problem occurs and will assist you in finding a solution.

Don’t wait! Contact us now!

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