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A unique expertise and knowledge in telecommunications industry

Xit Engineering

What Xit telecom does for you!

Xit télécom ( is a well established company in telecommunications engineering. Our team has gained expertise and unique knowledge in the telecommunications industry and is well known as a national and international leader in private networks services.

By offering affordable logistic services, Xit telecom eases the private broadbrand telecommunications network set up. Our interventions ensure our customers open networks benefits, and access to independent telecommunications suppliers. The capacity of these broadband networks is practically unlimited.

For instance, this type of product allows connections between all buildings of a school board, municipality, organism or business. It provides the latest technology regarding high speed Internet access, high speed data, voice, image and video transmission. Our strategy is to look for all stakeholders interested in the operation of a co-ownership network, gather information and deal the best prices as well as the best partnership agreement. This approach promotes competitiveness and lowers prices significantly from the initial price which makes the network an affordable offer.

A professionnal service

Xit telecom also conducts market research in the private networks industry in order to evaluate investment viability. Where the investment is of interest, we propose complete engineering services by helping with network set-up management:

  • Feasibility study
  • Partnership negotiation
  • Detailed engineering
  • Project supervising
  • Project management
  • Maintenance management
  • Marketing management

We recently participated in studies and execution of private projects using optical fibres in more than 30 school boards, more than 30 municipalities throughout the country, as well as conducting a feasibility study concerning the wiring of 8 universities in the Arabic world (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, Lebanon).

We have also numerous preliminary studies for different initiatives in 8 provinces in Canada as well as Northern USA and Europe.

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